Academic Projects

Dramaturgy of a Tele-Sonorous Body (2012/2013)

Post Doctorate at Sonic Arts Research Center, Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Support: CAPES Field: Networked Performance Superviser: Pedro Rebelo Subject: the Networked Performance dramaturgy created through the remote relationship between dance and music, movement and sound. key-words: dance, sonification, telematics, dramaturgy, body Developed concept: Sonorous Body: understanding the human being as a sonorous body, or Tele-Sonorous Continue Reading

Laboratorium MAPA D2 of Telematics Arts (2012)

Interdisciplinary Collective for Artistic Project in Telematicss Artistic Research Support: VIVOLab Field: Networked Performance Directed by Ivani Santana Subject: Laboratorium MAPA D2 was a collective for Network Performance with three artistic groups and technological support of four groups: Salvador, Bahia Research Group Technological Poetics _ University of Bahia Coordinator: Ivani Santana Fortaleza, Ceará LPCA – Laboratory of Scenic Poetics and Continue Reading

Telematics Dance: the relation between remote bodies (2011-2014)

Academic Research Project Financial Support: CNPq – Productivity of Academic Research Field: Networked Art Subject: This project investigated the relationship between remote and different bodies (human being, robot, avatar, plants, etc.) into artistic projects developed through and for Internet. Since 2005, I research the telematics dance to understand the new perceptions and sensibilities for dancers into this context. key-words: dance, Continue Reading

XPTA-Lab – Laboratory of Expertise in Applications development for production, edition and distribution of Audiovisual content through Internet and Digital TV(2010)

Consortium of Research Groups from Brazilian Universities. Financial support: Culture Department and Cinemateca Brasileira Field: Audiovisual and Internet Supervisor: Dr. Luis Marcos Gonçalvez Participation: Project “Bodies and avatars interactivity into 3D space for artistic audiovisual projects”. Subject: studies and applications of interface and wireless devices for human interaction with robots and avatars in dance. There are two principal goals: * Continue Reading

Work Group in Digital Media and Arts – GTMDA 2009-2010 Work Group for technological development Financial support: Brazilian Academic Network – RNP Field: telematics Supervisor: Dra. Tatiana Aires (2009/10), Dr. Guido Lemos (2009), Dra. Ivani Santana (2010) Subject: development of new applications for Networked Performance improving the interaction Human/Computer. key-words: Internet, telematicss, networked performance Technological development: ARTHRON – computational tool for manage the informational flow (audio, video, data) Continue Reading

Map and Program of Arts in Digital Dance – MAPA D2 (2008-2013)

Virtual platform for interchange, broadcast and streaming dance and performance from IberoAmerica. Support: FAPESB (2008/2009), Red Clara (2010,2011) Field: digital dance Supervisor: Ivani Santana Subject: dance and performance technologically mediated. key-words: dance, body, performance, media, technology, digital.

Poetics of Digital Dance: an emergency of adaptive systems (2008/2011)

Academic Research Project Financial Support: CNPq – Productivity of Academic Research Field: Digital Dance Subject: This project investigated the digital dance into adaptive systems. It means: digital dance is considered the dance created through technological media; adaptive systems (Holland, 1995) is considered the process which elements co-evolve, interchange information and generate decisions in real-time according the system emergency, and they Continue Reading

Project A.L.I.CE – Interactive Language of Cyberspace (2006-2009) Cyberspace Research Field: Telematics Dance Subject: Investigate the possibilities to create dance through/for/with the Internet and explore the new perceptual demands for the dancers into this context. key-words: dance, body, perception, cyberspace, poetics. Pieces created: Por onde Cruzan Alamedas (between 2 remote spaces with dancers and Djs (2006), Proyecto Paso (2006) (between Brazil, Spain and USA, creation by Salud Continue Reading

Technological Poetics in Dance: image processing in real-time (2004-2006)

Financial support: FAPESB Field: digital dance Subject: Aesthetical investigation (theoretical and artistic) of Digital Dance: the relationship between the organic body and the digital world through the computational real time processing using the software Isadora (Coniglio /Troika Ranch, 2000/EUA). key-words: dance, body, image processing, real-time. Pieces created: e fez o homem a sua diferença (2005), VERSUS (2006, networked performance between Continue Reading