TELE-SONOROUS BODY is the Dance Networked Performance research created through the Internet. Two issues are articulated in this research: 1) re-think the relationship between body and sound, and 2) the relationship between bodies located in different geographic spaces that occurs primarily through their sounds, thereby removing the emphasis on the visual. Accordingly, assume three layers that intertwine and depend on the body condition of the dancer: a) organic body (the sounds of the body according to the body condition), b) acoustic body (the confrontation with her body physical environment) and c) symbolic body (the generation of semantic relation obtained in the body with its culture).

DRAMATURGY OF TELE-SONOROUS BODY Post doctoral research on the relationship of the body with the sonification held at Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. Supervisor SARC / QUB Professor. Pedro Rebelo. CAPES.

Three main studies were developed and I created some performances in partnership with the composers of SARC and collaboration of New York University:

* The body-sound = organic layer

Networked Performance Sound Me

* The body-sound = layer environment,

Networked Performance Ellipse

Networked Performance Disturbance

For the third layer, called symbolic, created Sussurros [Whispers], soundscape for the dance, that was presented in December 2012 at the International Dance Festival InShadow, Lisbon, Portugal.

This study had the collaboration of members of the Research Group Technological Poetics: Hugo Leonardo, Sandra Corradini, Bruno Rodhe, Felipe Andre, Cristiano Figueiró, Messias Bittencourt, Jacson Espirito Santo, and yet, the Data Processing Center Federal University of Bahia, LAVID / UFPB and DynaVideo.

Acknowledgement: Luiz Claudio Mendonca, Italo Valcy, Claudio Schneider, Sindolfo Miranda, Tom Beyer and Robin Renwick.

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