Streaming of Networked Performance: Dancing Beyond Time

dQ13 – Dancing Beyond Time



We would like to invite you to attend our Networked Performance conducted between Korea, Czech Republic, Spain and Brazil.

Broadcast: dQ13 – Dancing Beyond Time
ID: apan36
password: kreonet

05:30h  Brazil   / 10:30h  Czech Republic / 10:30h Spain / 17:30h Korea

Research Group Technological Poetics

University of Bahia

Choreographer and interactive local video: Ivani Santana

Dancer: Isaura Tupiniquim

Videomaker: Caetano Travassos

Assistent: Pedro Lacerda & Jackson Espirito Santo

Network Analyst: Italo Valcy (S.T.I.)

National Education and Research Network (RNP)

Director of R&D: Michael Anthony Stanton

Director Assistant of R&D: Iara Machado

Manager of R&D: Leandro Ciuffo

Manager of R&D: Alex Moura

Coordinator of R&D: Gustavo Dias

Coordinator of R&D: Fausto Vette

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